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FIT4BABY Summer Session Mon/Sat $59Purchase required to enroll

Our FIT4BABY Summer Session Starts on JUNE 4 and runs for 6 weeks. We meet on Mondays at St. Al's Family Center & Saturdays outside at parks or other outdoor locations (your instructor will tell you ahead of time). During 2 of our Saturday classes we have Pre-Natal Yoga.

Body Back Summer Session M/W Nights $299Purchase required to enroll

Body Back Summer Session 2018 M/Th 10:15 AM $299Purchase required to enroll

Body Back Summer Session 2018 M/S $299Purchase required to enroll

FITONE Run Club Summer Session Sun/Tues $125Purchase required to enroll

The Summer 2018 Session of Run Club will be a 15 week long program with the first 4 weeks as a Challenge Group and the last 11 weeks as the official Run Club Session with 2 Runs scheduled per Week on Sunday Mornings at 7:30 AM and Tuesday Nights at 7:30 PM.